Auburndale Elementary School

Reading is a wonderful bonding and learning experience for children

  • December

    Read favorite books more than once.

    Why? When a child reads a book over and over, they can learn to predict the outcomes and recognize patterns. 

    This helps your child learn and store new information and builds upon their memory.

Week at a Glance

  • November 29-30, December 3, 2021

    MONDAY (C): 

    TUESDAY (A): Healthy Smiles Grades 2-3

    WEDNESDAY (B): Healthy Smiles Grades 2-3

    THURSDAY (C): Healthy Smiles Grades 2-3

    FRIDAY (A):




Upcoming Events

  • December 10: NO SCHOOL, Teacher P.D. Day

    December 16: Grade 1 Field Trip to Marshfield 9 a.m.

    December 17: 4K Christmas Program

    December 20: Grades 5-12 Band Winter Concert, HS Gym 7:00 pm

    December 21: Grades K-2 Winter Concert, Elem Gym 1:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

    December 23-Jan 2: NO SCHOOL-Winter Break



  • Andrew (Andy) Scharenbroch- Principal  •  Josh Nagel - Counselor
    10564 School Avenue • P.O. Box 139 • Auburndale, WI 54412
    Phone: 715-652-2812 • Fax: 715-652-2836