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Mr. Kevin Yeske

Preparing Students for What Comes Next!

Welcome to the School District of Auburndale, home of the Eagles! I am Kevin Yeske, the Superintendent of Schools.  This is my 34th year as an educator, 15 as a teacher, 18 as a principal, and this is my first year as a District Administrator.  Over 20 years ago I moved into this community, raised a family of four children here, and served as building principal between 2001-2008.  During these last 20 years I have grown to appreciate the commitment this community has for our school system and the opportunities it provides for our students.  Hard work, strong character, family support, working together, and supporting those who struggle when times get tough are all cornerstones of our school community.  It is what keeps those who live here from wanting to move elsewhere.

Our Schools are no different.  We have a PK-5 Elementary that provides educational programming for approximately 390 students.  Class sizes range from 14 to 22 students and we offer services for all students' educational needs.  For the most part, teachers hired here stay here and are replaced when they retire.  Our “family first” motto is on display every day in our classrooms and playgrounds.  

We have a 6-12 grade secondary school building that houses approximately 410 middle school and high school students under one roof but operating with separate bell schedules.  We offer opportunities for students to compete in junior high and high school athletics in 8 sports and offer more than 20 co-curricular organizations to encourage and support learning beyond the classroom.  With outstanding athletic facilities, learning lab space in science, culinary arts, agriculture, woods, and technology education, we are able to meet the needs of all students regardless of their post high school goals.  We have a strong commitment to volunteering as evidenced by students donating hours of time each year on various school to community projects.  

It is my hope that if you are considering a move to central Wisconsin that you will look at the educational opportunities and programs that are available in the School District of Auburndale.  We are a small community with small class sizes, more students enrolling in than leaving, financially stable, and blessed with facilities that are the envy of many of our neighbors.  If you are a resident, thank you for your commitment and contributions to our community and educational system.  It is this commitment and sense of community that allow us to accomplish big things. 

If you have any questions regarding the School District of Auburndale or public education in general, please contact me by phone at (715) 652-2117 or email at