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Marty Yohn

I'm in my 7th year teaching K-5 and some Middle School Art in the Auburndale School District, and 30th year overall teaching Art.  A graduate of UW-Stevens Point, I enjoy working with young artists and like a variety of art media (the more messy the better). 

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    Behavior Plan:  I have high expectations for your child's behavior, which mirror the classroom expectations.  

    Good choices win my praise and respect, and increased freedom and trust towards the student.

    Minor poor choices will be be given a 1st warning and/or conversation with the teacher, with subsequent poor behaviors resulting in lunch and recess detention with me.  Continued or severe infractions will result in phone call/e-mail contact with the parent, and may include removal of the student to the school office.  In the upper elementary this may include lunch/recess detention with the student writing a thinking paper describing the poor behavior and a plan to change the behavior for the positive, taken home and signed by the parent.  This will continue until the student makes continued good choices.


    Grading policy: The district handbook is followed. K-2 follows a standards based approach with E/S/I assessment used on the report card.  Primary Art assessments are based on color, design, creativity, craftsmanship, and process (how do they undertake and explore their artmaking?) with one or more of the above criteria used on each assignment.

    Grades 3-5 follow the district handbook numerical percentages.  Each assignment is worth a certain number of points, which are totaled at the end of the grading period and marked with the resulting letter grade.  Assignments that are rushed or "blown-off" by the student below a level he or she is capable of  and that I find unacceptable, are marked "0"-F and returned to the student to be re-done. (see RE-DO policy below)

    Middle School follows the same policy as grades 3-5.


    Homework / Make-up policy:  If you're absent, the work is expected to be made up, though in the lower elementary grades I usually will excuse the student for one-day projects missed.  Extended assignments may need a recess to catch-up so the student isn't behind his or her classmates.  

    There will be occasionally some homework assigned in the upper grades, with the expectation that it is completed on time.  Anything that is not done on time will receive a 0 "F" in the grade book until it is completed and turned in within the final timeline stated in class.  I don't mark down or take off points for late work; I'll grade the assignment straight up on its merits but the student can't wait to do this forever.

    RE-DO:  I practice the concept of the "re-do."  I believe we all learn best by our mistakes, if we take the time to learn from them.  Art is no different.  If a student receives an assignment grade they aren't happy with and would like to try the assignment over, I'm happy to sit down with them and have a conversation on the good things they did and where they may need to improve.  A dead-line for the re-do is given with the expectation the student will put forth an honest effort, not a lackluster two-minute change and expecting an A from that.  Re-do's are intended to continue the learning from our mistakes and should be immediate.  Waiting until the end of the quarter and asking last-minute to do something over that was passed back a month previously is a waste of time on everyone's behalf and won't be accepted.