State and National Testing

  • Accuplacer The Accuplacer is the college entrance exam for some Wisconsin Technical Colleges.  Most Technical Colleges will accept ACT scores as well.  Check with your specific Technical College or the Counseling Office.


    ACT Aspire- The ACT Aspire is a required exam by the state of Wisconsin.  All students in 9th and 10th grade will be tested on Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and English.

    2020 Testing Window:  April 2020


    ACT - The ACT is a college entrance exam that all Juniors are required to take in the spring.  ACT scores will need to be sent to all colleges that seniors apply to.  Students may choose to take the ACT more than once to try to increase their scores.

    Class of 2021 - Mandatory ACT Date: March 3, 2020



    Advanced Placement (AP) - AP Exams always run the first two weeks in May.  These exams must be scheduled through the Counseling Office.


    ASVAB - The U.S. Armed Forces Exam.  Auburndale Juniors & Sophomores will also take this exam in the fall and will explore careers based on their scores.

    2019 Testing Date - Mandatory ASVAB Date:  October 16, 2019


    Placement Exams for UW bound seniors - All students entering into a University of Wisconsin College must take Placement Exams in Mathematics and English, with the option of testing in a Foreign Language.  Students can register online at


    PSAT - The PSAT is the Practice SAT, but also is the only way students can qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program which gives out annual scholarships based on test scores.  The PSAT is an optional test that Juniors can take in October.

    Class of 2021 - PSAT Test Date: October 16, 2019


    SAT - The SAT is a college entrance exam that student can opt to take.


    Wisconsin Forward Exam (WFE) - The WFE is the statewide assessment for Wisconsin.  Students in grades 3-8 are tested on English/Language Arts and Mathematics.  Students in 4th and 8th grade are tested in Science and students in 4th, 8th, and 10th are tested in Social Studies.  The WFE is administered every spring.

    2020 Testing Window:  March 2020