College Planning

  • So you've decided you'd like to go to what??  Here are some great links to help you out on your searching.  Always feel free to stop in the Counseling Office for assistance!

    UW HELP -  A resource to help you with any questions in regards to the public University of Wisconsin college system.  The UW system is made up of 13 four-year universities and 13 two-year colleges.  The also have an ever expanding UW Colleges Online.  UW Help offers information on how to pay for college, living on campus, majors, careers, and a quiz to find your perfect UW College fit.  

    UW College Major Mania -  One of my favorite resources for UW Colleges.  Major Mania allows you to search for certain majors at the UW system.  You can also narrow your search by location, subject areas, and others.

    Wisconsin Private Colleges -  Wisconsin has 24 wonderful private colleges!  Check out what they have to offer!

    Wisconsin Technical Colleges - Wisconsin has 16 technical colleges that offer a hands-on learning experience with college degrees that can be earned in one to two years.

    Virtual College Tours - Awesome resource to try a virtual tour of campuses!

    Midwest Student Exchange Program -  A great resource for students looking at attending college outside of Wisconsin.  The Midwest Student Exchange Program will show what colleges have tuition reciprocities with Wisconsin.

    Minnesota-Wisconsin Tuition Reciprocity Application - Wisconsin students attending a college/university in Minnesota must fill out the application to get in-state tuition rates while attending college.