• Auburndale Elementary Character Words

    In the elementary school we have a Character Word of the Month which students will learn about in lessons, books, skits, conversations, morning announcements, etc. The words are very important to becoming the best you can be and growing up to be a good person. We are very proud of learning not only the academics at Auburndale Elementary School but how to have good character!

    September - Respect: Treat others the way you want to be treated

    October - Responsibility: Be accountable for your behavior and belongings (actions)

    November - Citizenship: Be involved in your school and community

    December - Friendship: Treat others with kindness

    January - Self Discipline: Have control over your actions and emotions

    February - Fairness: Cooperate with each other treat others equally

    March - Perseverance: Keep working hard towards your goal

    April - Courage: Do the right thing and don’t follow the crowd, even when it is difficult

    May - Honesty: Tell the truth and admit when you are wrong

    (Words and descriptions courtesy of Arboreum Elementary School, Waunakee Wisconsin)

Character Word of the Year from last year: RESPECT