• In order to guarantee your child and all the students in my classroom the excellent learning climate they deserve, I am utilizing the following discipline plan.


    Classroom Rules

    1. Listen carefully to others
    2. Keep hands and feet to yourself
    3. Follow all directions
    4. Be kind and respectful
    5. Share with everyone

    Rewards for positive behavior

    1. Praise, verbal rewards/Reading and Math awards
    2. Desk stickers for positive behavior
    3. Notes, emails, and phone calls to parents
    4. Special healthy classroom treat

    Consequences for inappropriate behavior

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Loss of 5 minutes of recess time
    3. Loss of all p.m. recess time
    4. Contact parents
    5. Notify Mr. Scharenbroch


    Please review the rules and consequences often with your child. It helps them develop a sense of responsibility.