• Evaluations & Expectations

    Students will be evaluated on the various projects done in class, their behavior and work ethic, and their sketchbook.  Students are expected to create first-class work.  Other expectations include:  no late work without prior approval, being on time to class, and all projects handed in must be original work.

    Work Ethic

    In an Art class, work ethic is how well you work.  We work EVERYDAY.  There is never a day off.  Even if you get all of your projects accomplished, you still need to be doing something.  You still need to work.  There will be a work ethic grade entered into the gradebook at the end of every week which will add up to approximately 20% of your total grade.  You show up to your job and work, you get paid.  At school, your paycheck is your grade.  You show up to school and work, you get a grade.  You don’t show up or don’t work when you are here, you don’t get a grade. 

    There are three things you need to do in order to earn your work ethic grade:

                                        1. Show up to work.        2. Do your job.      3.   Be nice.

    The work ethic policy is not affected by excused absences unless contact from a parent or doctor is supplied.  (Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns as situations differ at times.)

    Policies and Procedures

    • Safety – as we utilize different tools and materials I will lecture on the do’s and don’ts of the proper use and application – please be attentive as to protect yourself and others from possible injury
    • Tools- If you don’t know how to use the tools; ask, and I will teach you.  It’s kind of my job.
    • Dress Code- Wear appropriate clothing for working in the art room.  No sandals are permitted on kick wheels or when soldering.
    • Talking- When I am talking, please be respectful towards myself and the other students by not talking.  (See work ethic section rule #3)
    • Late- You get one unexcused tardy/late for the semester.  After that, your work ethic grade will be reduced by 50% for the day.
    • Discipline Plan:
      • First Time - Warning
      • Second Time - Work Detention
      • Third Time - Removal from room, work detention, parents and principal contacted.
      • Fourth Time or Severe Disruption - Sent immediately to office with heightened consequences.
    • Behavior- Please let me know if you are having a bad day and your behavior will be called into question.  We can always work something out.
    • Horseplay- Will not be tolerated whatsoever.  Please see work ethic section and discipline section for additional detail.
    • Language- No swearing or foul language will be tolerated.
    • Phones- You will not need it.  If you are on your phone ANY TIME during class, you will receive a zero for the day and will not be allowed to work in the art room.
    • Cheating- Will result in a zero in any project/assignment and a work detention will be issued.  This includes having another student do your work.
    • Clean up- Must be performed at the end of every class regardless of which tools/materials were used or what mess was left for us by other classes.  Have respect for this room.
    • Beginning and End of Class- I will start and end every class, no matter what we are working on.  I start class and dismiss class (not the bell).  Please do not crowd around the door at the end of class either. 
    • Communication- If you (or your parents) have any questions or concerns, please contact me at the phone number or email at the beginning of this syllabus.  I cannot read your minds, so please talk to me about any concerns you may have.