• 4K Learning Goals

     The 4K curriculum is designed to enhance the development of the whole child including skills in cognition, language, motor, social, and self care.


         Math Readiness

    • Name colors and shapes
    • Identify and compare sizes
    • Make and continue patterns
    • Rote count to 20
    • Count objects to 10
    • Make sets of objects through 10
    • Name numbers 1-10

        Early Literacy

    • Name upper and lower case letters
    • Tell letter sounds
    • Tell beginning sounds of words
    • Print awarenesss – top/bottom, front/back, left/right, author/illustrator/title (describe and locate on a book)
    • Discriminate between letters, words, and spaces in sentences or phrases
    • Sequence picture stories
    • Identify and name rhyming words


    • Follow directions
    • Answer questions and participate in discussions
    • Answer questions about stories
    • Participate in songs and rhymes
    • Sequence and activity or story


    • Cut simple shapes and glue in position as modeled
    • Draw people and recognizable objects
    • Copy shapes and letters
    • Print first name
    • Throw and catch a ball
    • Run, jump, gallop, skip, hop on one foot
    • Walk on a line


    • Play with others and share materials and toys
    • Take turns in group games and activities
    • Follow classroom rules – walk in school, use quiet/inside voices, keep hands and feet to yourself, use gentle touches and kind words
    • Ask for help
    • Use words to resolve conflicts
    • Work well in small and large groups
    • Completes tasks independently
    • Clean up after activities

    Self Care

    • Use the bathroom independently
    • Dress independently
    • Move through the lunch line, serve self food choices, eat, and clean up independently


    4K Classroom Management Plan


    Keep hands, feet and body to yourself


    Use quiet voice

    Be kind to one another

    Follow adult directions:

    "Give Me Five"

    * My feet are crossed

    * My hands are still

    * My eyes are watching

    * My ears are listening

    * My lips are zipped



     1st time - warning

    2nd time - warning

    3rd time - 5 minute time out

    4th time - parents contacted


    Serious infractions such as biting or causing injury will result in immediate contact with parent and/or principal.