• alt.text.       Our classroom expectations are the "3 Bees"

                                                    Be ready.

                                                       To listen and learn.

                                                    Be respectful.

                                                       Treat others the way you want to be treated.

                                                    Be responsible.

                                                        Make good choices.


    alt.text. Your child will receive letter grades this year.  This is the scale used.

                              A  100 - 93

                                 B  92 - 85

                                 C  84 - 74

                                 D  73 - 65

                                 F  64 and below

                           Remember you can check your student's grades at anytime on Infinite Campus.  This is also where you should check to see if your child has any missing work.  The grades may vary based on missing work.  Report card grades will be based on each child's daily work, class participation, and effort.  Go to my links to find a quick connection.

    *There may be times that your child will find an assignment difficult and will be asked to make corrections.  You will find the word Fix on the top of the paper.  If your child corrects the paper and hands it back in, then the grade will be raised to 75%. 



    Homework provides additional skill practice as well as reinforcement of concepts learned in class.  Completing homework assignments carefully and neatly helps students to strengthen and develop their sense of responsibility.   I only require students to do homework on content that they have learned in class.


     Spelling: Each night students should study their spelling words.  The list will be handed out on Monday and the test will be on Friday.

    :  Practice book pages and/or math worksheets will be assigned on a daily basis to provide additional reinforcement of important concepts. 

    Science, SS, reading, and grammar sheets will also be assigned throughout the week.


    In third grade, students will have tests at the end of chapters in math, science, and social studies.  Look for study guides to come home for science and social studies.  Occationally in math, I will send home a study guide but most of the time students will bring home their math books to study from and do extra practice to get ready for a test.



    Independent reading is an important part of your child's academic growth.  I request that students read independently at least 20 minuters 5 out of 7 nights a week.  They need to record their books on the reading log which should be in their library book or take home folder.  Tests are taken only at school unless authorized by the teacher.



    Please continue to review basic addition and subtraction facts.  Also, begin practicing the multiplication facts.  Knowing these facts provides a more solid foundation to build upon as math increases in difficulty.