• Be prompt and prepared, this means you must be in your seat when the bell rings with

                required class materials.  Forestry requires a fair amount of reading and work outside

                the classroom, being prepared for class will keep you from being left behind and will

                keep you from cramming the night before your exams. Set your priorities.


    Assignment notebooks, make them your best friend. No passes will be accepted, or

                issued to the bathroom or anywhere else without your assignment notebook in hand.


                Present, Charged and Cared for!!


    Textbooks are available in my classroom and may be checked out for overnight use.


    Respect others and property, swearing and inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

                My office is not to be entered without permission.


    Do your best every time.



                Discipline procedures will be in accordance with the student handbook.  When    

                infractions  occur the corrective measures form will be used to handle the matter.



                Many of the activities in class are hands on in nature, your participation and       

                cooperation will not only benefit you but the entire class. We will cover all safety           

                procedures and you will need to live by these rules every day!



                Midterm reports and other grade reports will be sent out in a timely manner. 

                *Note: Midterms are not your final grade; it is a check of your progress.


    Grading scale





    59 and below F