There are four basic rules:

    1. Treat others, as you would like to be treated.
    2. Always put forth your best effort.
    3. Know and follow building rules.
    4. Always show respect to others and their property.

    These rules are fair for everyone.  Following these rules will help your child have a happy productive year.  Classroom rules are listed on the wall in our classroom, and school wide rules are listed in their handbook.  I reward good behavior with praise, treats, classroom free time, and by sending notes home.  Consequences for bad behavior include one verbal warning, a detention, or a phone call home.  

    Chromebooks:  This year, each 5th grade student will have his / her own chromebook.  They will be able to research information, create their own documents, and share those documents.  Students will be responsible for the care of their chromebook.  Chromebooks will not be allowed to be taken out of the building.

    Assignment Notebooks:  Each child will have an assignment notebook to bring home each night.  The notebook will be filled out at school as a class and will contain the day’s assignments.  Please check this notebook each night and initial to show that your child’s work has been completed.  This also helps to establish communication between parent and teacher.  

    *Your child is responsible for seeing that his/her homework gets home each night.  

    AR:  We will be using the Accelerated Reading Program again this year as independent reading to supplement our Reading / Writing / Spelling series from Scott Foresman – Reading Street.  Your child will be asked to complete any and all assignments related to this series as well as read 15 minutes per night for IR (Independent Reading.)  After he/she reads for the night please initial the assignment notebook by the appropriate day.  Each quarter your child will receive a new reading contract, which will set his/her goals for the quarter.  At the end of each quarter, there will be rewards for those students who attain their goals.  

    Homework Policies

    Completing homework is a big part of a student reaching his or her academic potential.  All assignments are given a due date.  If assignments are not turned in on the assigned date, they may be turned in the following day at a reduction of one grade.  After one day, the assignment will only be accepted at half credit.  By checking your child’s assignment notebook each and every night you as a parent will be aware of all assignments.