• As homework is assigned, I record it on our assignment notebook board.  I will NOT accept homework the same day it is assigned.  My hope is that our fourth graders will take time and look over their work before handing it in.  I will be requiring that all students in my homeroom fill out their planners each afternoon before leaving.  I will initial their planners only if their planner reflects what is on my assignment board. I encourage families to have a parent or adult guardian also initials the planner to show they are aware of what the homework was each night.   My goal is to graduate students from this by the end of the second quarter. Homework will also be posted on the district website so that families can check online to see homework.  Families will also be able to check Google Classroom for up to date information.  Please visit that link/page for more information!


    Please consider joining our classroom "Remind" group.  It is free and will send texts for immediate updates.  I don't use it a lot, but based on how quickly everything can change it is a nice option.  There is a paper to help your family sign up in the beginning of the year take-home folder.

    Remind Sign Up Directions

    Remind Sign Up Espanol


    Since we cannot have visitors this year I encourage families to send me emails for daily communication needs!  I check my email before school starts each day as well as after school.  I will check my email as often as I can during the day and do my very best to respond as soon as possible!  If you call the classroom, remember that our conversation will likely not be private as students are in my classroom most of the day.  I am only able to have private phone calls after school, and those will probably need to be scheduled this year.  Notes are absolutely still welcome!


    If you need to pick up your child early or change dismissal instructions, please send an email to Sue Richardson in the elementary office.  If I am absent a substitute will NOT have access to my email.  Sending time-sensitive or emergency information to Sue is the best way to assure the message gets where it needs to go!