• Based on what information I have been given students ARE allowed to have snacks in the classroom.  These snacks should be for YOUR child only.  Regrettably, we CANNOT share snacks this year, which means that you should send food for your child only.  Snacks will need to be kept in your student's backpack.  The district handbook asks that families send healthy snacks for their children.  

    Birthday treats are welcome.  Due to safety concerns please do not send items with nuts.  We also need to have families send items "wrapped or packaged" so that only the child eating the treat touches the food.  Homemade items are completely welcome, just please "pre-serve" them by putting the treat in a little baggie, or in plastic wrap or foil. Currently, we have 17 students in our fourth grade class.  

    Our classroom bubbler/water fountain has been shut off to protect student health.  Please send a water bottle with a top that can close with your child!  I encourage families to label these bottles at home.  We will only be filling these bottles with plain water.  Sports drinks, flavored waters, soda, juices, etc are not allowed in the classroom.  I will send them home for cleaning on Fridays. 

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