• Classroom Expectations

    Be kind and respectful.

    Listen to the person who is speaking with both your eyes and ears.

    Raise your hand to speak.

    Always try your best. 

    Stay on task.

    Mistakes are welcome. This is how we learn!


    1. Reminder of expectation.

    2. Name moved to yellow on classroom stop light. 1 minute in at recess.

    3. Name moved to red on classroom stop light. 5 minutes in at recess and a note home to parents.

    4. A talk with the principal and a phone call home to parents.


    Receive 20 pom pom balls in our reward jar for good behavior:

    1. Extra recess

    2. Free time/free choice

    3. Eat lunch in the classroom

    4. Pajama Day

    5. Watch a video