• Ms. Urban's 

    Health Occupations 

    Semester Course


    Course Description:

    Health Occupations incorporates the study of CPR, First Aid, and an Introduction to Health and Human Service Careers.  Students who successfully complete CPR will receive certification.  Students will also learn basic first aid for a variety of situations/injuries.

    The Introduction to Health and Human Service Careers will also include career planning and career information studies and will culminate in a career exploration project consisting of a two to three page research paper and an oral presentation.


    Course Overview:

    1.  Student generated list of Health Careers.

    2.  Student generated list of questions for guest speakers.

    3.  Career Planning Worksheets

        a.  strengths and weaknesses

        b.  personality traits

        c.  personal and professional skills

        d.  qualities employers look for

        e.  survey

    4.  Cover letter and resume'

    5.  Journal Entries for each speaker

        a.  name and job title

        b.  responsibilities

        c.  educational requirements/training

        d.  student reaction to career information and speaker

    6.  Field Trips - possible

    7.  Career Research Paper