• 4K - 5th Grade Registration - Google Form

    If you are unable to complete the registration online, please contact Krystal Kieliszewski at 715-652-2812 or kkieliszewski@aubschools.com.

    For 4K, your child must be 4 years old on or before September 1, 2022. 

    For Kindergarten, your child must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2022. 

    **If your child is already in our 4K program this year, there is no need to register them for Kindergarten. They are already registered.

Auburndale Elementary School

Reading is a wonderful bonding and learning experience for children

  • May

    Reading is a wonderful bonding and learning experience for children.

    Emphasize the universal importance of reading.  Librarians, teachers, students, mechanics, lawyers, doctors, architects, farmers, and athletes… everyone reads. 

    Show your child that reading is part of everyone’s life by reading diverse works that serve different purposes. 

    Consider cookbooks, direction manuals, online magazines, and cereal boxes.  Make a habit out of living through reading.

Week at a Glance

  • May 16-20, 2022

    MONDAY (C):  Kidergarten (Se/St) to HS 9:30-10:30

    TUESDAY (A): 2nd Grade Field Trip to Marshfield, Kidergarten to HS 9:30-10:30,  Kidergarten (K/B) to HS 9:30-10:30

    WEDNESDAY (B): Grades 3-5 Hitter's Derby (8-10 am), 4K to HS 9:30-10:30

    THURSDAY (C): 1st Grade Field Trip to Marshfield, Grades 3-5 Spring Concert 1:30 and 6:30, 4K to HS 9:30-10:30

    FRIDAY (A): 4K T/Th Class today, 5th Grade Field trip to Sandhill Wildlife Area 9-2:45, 3rd Grade to Melody Gardens 10:45-2:30, HS Seniors walk thru Elem at 10 am, HS Graduation


Upcoming Events

  • May 26: Kindergarten Field Trip to Stevens Point Children's Museum, all day

    May 27: ABC Day: P.E. Field Day (Grades K-2 9:15-11:15, Grades 3-5 12:15-2:15)

    May 30: NO SCHOOL- Memorial Day

    May 31: 4th Grade Field Trip to Point Basse 8:10-2:50

    June 2: Last Day of School!



  • Andrew (Andy) Scharenbroch- Principal  •  Josh Nagel - Counselor
    10564 School Avenue • P.O. Box 139 • Auburndale, WI 54412
    Phone: 715-652-2812 • Fax: 715-652-2836