• Syllabus (2019-2020) Mr. Schmidt


    Contact information

    -cschmidt@aubschools.com  (Preferred)

    -School phone (715-652-2117) ext. 2138

    -Talk to me outside of class, my door is open to you (passing time, after school, before school)


    Contact information

    -cschmidt@aubschools.com  (Preferred)

    -School phone (715-652-2117) ext. 2138

    -Talk to me outside of class, my door is open to you (passing time, after school, before school)


    Class Expectations

    - 1.)  You will respect the following:  Mr. Schmidt (treat me with respect and I will treat you with the same respect), this classroom (specifically my property, materials on my desk and in my room), school property (particularly your chromebooks), our learning environment and most importantly each other.  IF you do not respect one another expect to receive consequences in the form of a minor, major or lunch detention.


    - 2.) Come each and every day with the necessary materials for the day.  Being on time and prepared is a part of daily life. If you do not have the following four things for my class you are unprepared and will receive a minor:  Writing utensil, S.S. notebook, S.S. folder, planner, a book that you are reading for leisure.


    - 3.) Cell Phones are not allowed in class under any circumstances, unless I give you permission that you may use it for academic purposes.  If you are asked to give up your phone the first time it stays on my desk for the duration of the day, the second time it goes to the office with Mr. Van Wyhe and you may pick it up at the end of the day.  A third time results in your phone to the office with Mr. Van Wyhe and a parent will need to pick it up. A fourth instance results in having to drop off the phone in the office before school every day.


    - 4.) Sign-out procedure:  before you go anywhere raise your hand and ask for permission, once I grant permission you will sign out your destination, date and time as well as sign back in once you return.


    - 5.) For passes you WILL be required to use your planners and the two passes within them for each day.  If you do not have a complete student planner I may not sign the pass. Use your passes wisely.


    - 6.) If you forget your planner you are unprepared for class and therefore you will receive a minor if you ask me to sign a pass.


    - 7.) No food will be allowed, but I will allow clear water bottles in class as long as they are not a distraction.  If they become a distraction I will simply ban water bottles for the entire class.  Therefore enforce this rule on fellow classmates if they are playing with their water bottles.


    -8.)  Everyone has chromebooks, the expectation between the 6th, 7th and 8th grade teachers is that the chromebooks are in class each day, complete with their cases and chargers.  


    -9.)  In my class your chromebooks should remain closed and underneath or beside your desk  until you are instructed by Mr. Schmidt to open them.


    Grading Scale


    - We will be using the district wide approved grading scale:

    A : 100-93  A- : 92-90  B+ : 89-87  B: 86-83  B- : 82-80  C+ : 79-77  C: 76-73        C- : 72-70  D+ :69-67  D: 66-63  D- : 62-60  F: 59 and below


    Rough grading scale breakdown

    -45% daily work  (typical homework)

    -20% unit projects  (presentations, papers etc.)

    -20% written tests  (end of units)

    -15% quizzes (unit quizzes, current events quizzes)




    Expect some sort of Project for nearly every unit as well as a written test, typically the project will be worth more points than the written test.


    There will be regular note checks as well as current events quizzes on Friday’s.  Both of these checks will be used for me to ensure that you are staying caught up during class, therefore, they will be worth fewer points but nonetheless will hurt your grade if you repeatedly miss them.


    ************Although this syllabus is 99.9% permanent, I reserve the right to make changes and adjustments to the syllabus as I see necessary.  I will always let you know of any changes.